Popular Granite Colors for 2015


While trends have changed and a lot of different materials are on the market today for countertops, granite remains one of the more popular options amongst homeowners. And while for several years there was a clear cut group of favorite stones that showed up in kitchens again and again, changing trends have meant that a range of different stones are beginning to emerge as the most popular.

White and light colored granites have replaced the tans and blacks that were so popular just a few years ago. Bianco Romano, Kashmir White, and White Piracema are all nice alternatives to white marbles in the kitchen, but still get the white, clean look that is so popular right now. Stones like Shivakashi, which feature a light background with lots of swirling color are particularly popular as they have a lot of interest and movement in them as well as a light color.

Stones with a lot of movement that also have a distinctive color to them are also trending upward. Stones like Lady Dream which have a pink/gold background with a lot of movement, as well as stones like Costa Esmerelda, with a shifting green, yellow, and blue background are gaining a lot of traction for homeowners that want something a little different, but aren’t ready to commit to wild and dramatic granites.

Stones that are closer to the neutrals of the last decade, but that have richer colors and veins can also be seen in many homes. This includes granites such as Copper Canyon and Golden Crystal. These stones have the more neutral background that some homeowners prefer, but they have a lot movement, as well as unusual patterns, which helps them to fit in with the gemstone trend as well.

Granite is expected to remain popular into the next decade as trends move toward more natural materials. Look for more popular colors to keep on trend.